New Beginnings: Or how I learned that starting over is an evergreen phase of life.

The last time I tried to write a blog was nearly 10 years ago. I was an aspiring writer who wanted to chronicle his journey of getting his first novel published. I had dreams of following in the footsteps of people like Julie Powell, who started with a lowly blog chronicling her journey and ended up with a publishing deal for her book, Julie and Julia, which was later made into a movie. I was 21 and didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground, but I was trying to become a “serious writer™.”

The problem was that I found out I had nothing interesting to say. What followed was essentially 10 years of writers block while I tried to figure out what the subject matter of both my book and my blog should be.

Obviously it hasn't gone well. Somewhere out there is a sad, abandoned Wordpress blog acting as a crypt to the hopes and dreams of my early 20s.

... This is pretty maudlin for a “new beginnings” entry isn't it?

In any event, what followed in my life was a series of misadventures. Some traumatic, some hilarious (I promise I'll try to get to the hilarious ones so this doesn't feel too much like me going to therapy). My 20s was, quite frankly, hellish. Not 100% of course. There were good times. Life is rarely all good or all bad.

But on spec I'd have to say that my 20s honestly sucked. The silver lining is I have some things to write about now. Not just about what happened to me, but also about my thoughts on politics, art, writing as process, coding, accessibility, and maybe about what all... gestures everywhere... this is about.

I'm also seriously writing again, and I think I'll actually get to the finish line this time. I'm not haunted by the spectre of other people's expectations like I used to be. I've found my voice. I'll probably write about that at some point.

In the mean time, expect something forthcoming soon™.